Monday, October 1, 2012

Late update!

Last Friday, My mom, Micah and I went to South Bend to hang out with Jessica and Baby Braeden!  He is so sweet, I forget how small newborns are!  I had the privilege of changing him after he peed his outfit...I remember those days when Micah's little booty and chicken legs didn't fit the diapers, and now its Braeden's turn!  He was very alert and awake most of the morning, and he finally decided to take a nap with Grammy!
 Friday also marked 26 weeks in the womb for Adelie!
 Saturday was Alli's church shower!  Helga and I organized it and with the help of so many people, it turned out great! It was so fun to see all the goodies Maddie received . Hopefully Alli and Miles are a little more prepared for her birth now! Not too much longer now! 

 It was awesome to see Eileen again! It had been too long!