Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love breaks!

Dad Maier called up today and volunteered to watch little Micah for awhile. I was able to get out for awhile, had some coffee, was able to do some things around the house. I love the little boy to death, but breaks are so nice, too! Poor little guy-he has some tummy trouble. You can hear it gurgling! He also is really gassy, has lots of spit up, and is cranky and fussy. Suggestions anyone?

Looking forward to this weekend! Memorial day weekend-picnics, getting together with a few friends I haven't seen in awhile, and an extra day off for Matt, so we hope to see him a little! :) Still waiting for a little nephew. Today would be an awesome birthday for him since it is his parent's 4th anniversary! Come on Jenn, just go and run outside for a bit-maybe it will induce labor??

Enjoy some more pics of our cute little man!

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  1. Gripe water worked for our tummy troubles! It's great and pretty cheap, you can usually find it at any health food store in their supplement section around the kid/baby stuff, or just ask a worker. I know they have it at Apple Valley. Good luck, I know that isn't very fun to deal with!