Monday, February 21, 2011

Two weeks with Birdie

While Alex and Melissa were in Africa, we had the pleasure of watching their cat, Birdie. Sweet little kitty, not all too smart, but we are used to that with Bufous. They came to pick her up today :( I know we will miss her, but Bufous is losing a good friend! Here are some pics showing their love!
Bufous and Birdie spooning-and this and the next pic were taken on Valentine's Day :)

Bufous giving Birdie kisses
And back to our dumb cat. He climbed up into Micah's seat at the table and expected food.

Micah likes to be a dog...he likes to crawl around with things hanging out of his mouth. He found these napkins in his new favorite drawer in the kitchen.

They frequently took naps together in our bed.

Sunday afternoon nap. Matt got a fire going, and we all napped for awhile in the Brohman room (I was in the black recliner, and Birdie came to join me, she is so sweet!)

Micah's toy he borrowed from his cousins-he really does walk behind it, he just got it caught on the wall somehow.

Here is where he found the napkins!

Birdie was always in the sink-drinking water and frequently licking out any dirty dish she could find!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting into trouble

Just a few pictures showing Micah getting into trouble...
I was doing my Bible study lesson and Matt was watching Man vs. Wild...can you guess who was supposed to be watching Micah?? This is what we discovered he was getting into...
He even put some tampons in the tub.

Driving his boat in the church nursery Sunday morning

We bought Micah his next car seat, which he can't use until he is 1 year old. He tried it out and didn't seem to mind it too much. Hopefully he will like this one better than the one he has now!

Eating his cheerios with a spoon...

Bathtime bubbles!!

I think Birdie wanted to nap with him! Micah was only there for a few minutes...I don't let him nap on the couch anymore, don't worry!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sickness running amuck!

Wild week and a half! Last week, we had the big "Blizzard 2011", so snow days started with me on Tuesday. I was supposed to be teaching clinicals for LMC from 3-11pm, but LMC closed at 5 due to weather. Per policy (and law) I had to send the students home. Then Matt's school was closed Wedesday, and so was LMC for me. Matt and I had the opportunity to hang with some friends. Melissa and Alex came over to bring Birdie, their cat for us. We are babysitting their child while they are in Africa for two weeks! And Miles and Alli came over (poor Alli still had to work later that afternoon ). Miles and Matt went to snow blow a few driveways (Miles' and Alli's drive and my parents, who were lucky enough to be on a cruise at the time) then they treated themselves to ice fishing. Back to school and work for everyone on Thursday.
Sunday we planned a Superbowl party. Micah woke up from his nap at 4pm with a 102 degree temp and looked miserable. After some Tylenol and a cool bath, he was babied all night, and I mean all night. I got up with him a few times-he woke up crying, and I took him out to the couch for me to sleep with him. During the night his temp was as high as 103.4. Monday was a battle with his temp all day again, finally breaking in the evening. Tuesday, guess what-I'm sick all day in bed with the stomach flu. Miserable! And Matt wasn't feeling too hot either coming down with a bad cold. Now today, I feel better and went to teach at LMC, Micah woke up coughing up a storm, and Matt still felt crummy. Pray we all get back to normal here soon! But here are some pics of the happier times this past week! Micah likes to sleep with his rump in the air!
"Blizzard 2011"

Aunt Lissa came over to drop off her cat (which Micah loves by the way)

Alex and Melissa brought over Bow....

And Bufous saw Bow. Enough said.

Micah's new basket of toys-keeps things much neater!

Matt made homeade onion rings Sat night. very tasty!

What Micah looks like sick

Bufous and Birdie taking a nap on our bed

One of the sick days