Monday, June 28, 2010

more pics

These posts only let you put so many pictures up at a time, and we always have so many fun pictures to share! Here are some more from the past few weeks!
The Maier cousins-looks like Micah is ready to take a swing at Teague!
Bath Time! Micah really enjoys his baths now-lots of kicking and splashing!

Micah is taking a nap with Uncle Myke!

Matt and I at the cabin in Mancelona

Dave and Ashley's dog, Lancelot

Mancelona/Traverse City

Wow, it has been weeks since we updated! We have to back track here. June 14-19, we went up to Dave and Ashley's cabin in Mancelona (Dave, Ashley, Lancelot, Drew, Rebecca, Teague, Matt, Jennie, Micah). Micah was cranky from traveling, but we had a great time! Wednesday it rained, so we went into Traverse City and hit up the mall-which we hadn't been to a good mall in quite some time! Thursday was a great day to bum at the beach, and Friday Matt was able to get some fly fishing in at the Manistee River. Here are some pics of us having fun on the beach!
The Maier boys being crazy
Dave and Drew-doing who knows what!

Pregnant belly in a bikini-there is nothing cuter! Rebecca, you look great!

Micah and Daddy chillin at the beach (Micah is laying in the pink chair!)

Taking a nap at the beach!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our new nephew!

Look at all that hair!

The Calhoun cousins!

Josh and Jenn's little bundle of joy has arrived! A little boy, Gabriel James Calhoun, 7 lbs 12 oz at 8:15 pm June 5, 2010! Congrats!

Matt, Micah and I went to Ann Arbor today to see little Gabe. Beautiful baby! My parents headed up the night before, and Jenn's parents started driving there Saturday morning. After along induction process for Jenn and Josh, I'm glad it is finally over for them and they can celebrate having a healthy little boy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Chilling on the couch-his outfit says Little Fisherman!
Fat face smiles

smiling at Mama!

Ashley and Andrew stopped by on Monday to see Peanut

Ready to post just a few more pictures, especially of Micah's cute smile! Grammy Tami has detected a right sided dimple on Micah. How adorable!
Also Micah had his two month doctor appointment today. He is in the 10-20th percentile for head circumference and height, but Mr. Porker is in the 50th percentile for weight! He weighed in at 11lb 6oz today, which is almost double his birth weight! Dr. Driscoll said he is awesome! Also had his first round of immunizations, which he screamed at first but as soon as I was able to hold him, he was over it.

Memorial Day weekend

Great Gramps getting his little buddy time!
And Grandpa getting Micah love, too!

Uncle Myke, working the legs!

Drooling down Dad's arm

Quiet for cousin Cara

So this blog is supposed to be able to update everyone on our family...but its old news by the time I post it here! Sorry for that.

Micah's first memorial day weekend-Saturday night we had a Sunday school picnic at Zielke's. Micah was good for awhile, and fell asleep with Cara. First time he was good for Cara! And God bless Aunt Jan-she will take Micah, even when he is cranky!

Sunday we had another cookout with the Calhoun's. Fussy again, but lucky for us, there were lots of people still willing to hold him!

Monday we had a family chill day at home. Very relaxing. Lots of time to interact with our little man, who is now smiling! Sometimes it is hit or miss. He is still trying to figure out himself!