Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Family Fun Fair

Wednesday night was Fall Family Fun Fair at our church. Micah played games to get candy, which he sees our pumpkin on the counter with candy and is always whining for some.

The Laughing Cow!

Don't they look excited??

He can't keep his hands to himself-always messing with something!

One of the games he enjoyed!

Also good news. We got the result of my blood draw this week and my HCG is 6, so it means no more blood draws! Now I have a Dr appointment to discuss where to go from here next Friday, so hopefully it will be good news!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apple picking at Stovers

Last Saturday we went to Stovers to go apple picking! Micah had fun identifying all the punke (pumpkins) and all the balls (apples). He even saw some kitties and took a hayride!

He even put them in the bag after he picked them!


Later that day at home he was helping Opa with the shed....

Monday night I came home from BSF to this....

Matt left him with his milk on the couch for a few minutes to check something on the computer, and he fell asleep! He must have been really tired!

Just some fun stuff he has been doing the past few weeks- he can take a piece of trash to the garbage when we ask, and now he can put dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Today I finished putting away the clean laundry, and he picked up the dirty laundry in the corner and put it in the basket :) He is such a big helper!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Its been awhile!

Some recent happenings in the Maier household...

Bufous and Kramer cuddling in the 3 seasons room
We went to the St Joe vs. Lakeshore football game a few weeks ago.

Enjoying the game!

Hail from a storm a week or two ago

Kramer napping with Micah

This past Monday we went out to Grandmere state park for our annual walk.

Just an update on the miscarriage. I have been going in weekly to have my blood drawn. They check my HCG levels, they have to go back to 0 to be a complete miscarriage (avoid a D & C). I was hoping I was done, but these were the lab values from the past few weeks : 36000, 22000, 8000, 164, and now 24....seriously? Close enough to zero, right? No, still have to go and have my blood drawn on Monday. I have been saying this for the past three times, but hopefully this is the last time!!! Pray that this is the last. My vein is shot!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So busy!

I can't even remember what I posted about last has been too long! We have been busy with the school year starting for Matt and my new schedule with work and LMC clinical instructing. I will back up a few weeks...we went church camping a couple weekends ago, had a blast, and now very disappointed I did not take pictures! Micah loved being outdoors 24/7, even when it was in the low 40s at night, eek!

Micah dressed to impress a few weekends ago for the Michigan game

Outdoor fun! Wheelbarrow rides. Opa gave him one first, and MAtt and all the cousins recall Opa giving them rides as kids!

Throwing ball in the yard...acutally its a black walnut, but Micah still loved it!

On another note, it has been two and a half weeks since we recieved the news of our imminent miscarriage. We have found so much support, love, and prayer for our immediate family and our church family, and for that we are so grateful! I have finally miscarried, which brings a mix of emotions. We have had a few weeks to come to term with it, but it still was an emotional time when we actually lost our potential child. We are thinking positive however! The waiting is over and now we can move on, and God willing, in the future have more beautiful, rambunctious kiddos! Thanks for all the support!