Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adelie's dedication and Micah's swim lessons

Adelie and Maddie were dedicated today at church! Thanks to all the friends and family who support us in raising her in the way of the Lord and will pray for us and her! We are so blessed.
 Yesterday started Micah's swim lessons (every Sat for 6 weeks). They worked on blowing bubbles in the water, kicking from the side of the pool, kicking on their belly with a kickboard, and kicking on their back with a board. And Micah's forte, jumping in from the side of the pool! He had a blast.
 Good job blowing bubbles Daddy!

 After swim lessons...
 7 weeks as of last Wednesday!
 Why do we always have naked pics of Micah? He is such a goober.
 Bonding time

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Matt and Jennie's baby pictures!

Ok sorry it took so long, but as promised, I am posting our baby pictures!  We have had so many opinions about how our kids look like.  See these and decide for yourself!!

Matt's baby pics
 This is the exact face Adelie makes when she cries...


Mama Maier, this one is for you!  Actually I especially love this one for two reasons:
 1-Matt's side profile is definitely passed down to our kids!! 
2-Helga is in the car riding home from the hospital with Matt on her lap!  That so doesn't fly these days! Love it!

 Jennie's Baby Pics
This is an Adelie facial expression!

 I love this-it shows how wonderful car seats were back in the day!
I don't want to infulence anyone's opinions, but our kids are so Matt's kids!  They are little mini Matts!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Power in Motion

Adelie is 6 weeks old today!  She is starting to smile, the 2nd picture is the best she would cooperate for a picture!

 We went to Power in Motion this morning as a MOMS Club outing.  The gym is open to us for an hour. Micah had a ball, and hopefully burned a lot of energy and will take a good nap today.
 Jumping on the trampoline mat
 Jumping in the foam pit 
 Super Micah off the spring board
 Gearing up
 Some of the boys were gaining up on one of the workers
 Spread eagle...goober
Adelie was less than impressed

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our kids

Micah has been into me taking silly pictures of him, then he says "I wanna see it!"  
Enjoy the many faces of Micah!
 Micah insisted that he hold Adelie. It was so cute, I ran to get the camera, and this is the face he gives me!  
 Adelie rockin her Wolverine wear! Go Blue!

Micah has been such a good big brother. He tells me when she is crying, and most of the time he tells me that "She need more milk!"
Yesterday I took the kids on my first solo grocery shopping trip.  Everyone lied and no spankings were given, so I consider it a success! When we were leaving, I put the groceries in the back and packed up both kids, and I told Micah I was going to run and put the cart away. I told him if Adelie started crying to just talk to her.  So I lock the doors and run to put the cart away quick. I get back to the car and Adelie is crying and I hear Micah saying, "Its ok Alalie, Mommy's here! Mommy's here!  I talkin to her Mama!"  What a big helper he is!  He is being such a good big brother!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 weeks, ski goggles, and comparisons!

 I love this boy!  I really needed this pic today to remind me how he brightens my day! Why you ask? Someone was really resisting nap time today, and boy did I need some quiet!  
We have been letting him go around the house in big boy underpants for short periods of time lately. Hoping it speeds the potty training process up a bit! He is going more on the potty now-we have been trying to get him on the potty 2-5 times a day, especially first thing in the morning and first thing after nap.  He has been running about a 50% success rate the past few days. Yay!

 This is my favorite shot! Haha, poor kid, I'm keeping this as blackmail for later!
 Adelie at about 1 month                                                                      Micah at about 1 month
A lot of people are saying Adelie reminds them of Micah as a baby.  You decide! (also coming soon-baby pics of Matt and me to compare with the kids!)
 (Same time frame)
As of today, Adelie is 5 weeks old!!

 Micah wanted to be the baby today...What a goon
 My latest purchases-espresso, stove top espresso maker, and milk frother! For about $50, I'm making my own lattes at home!  They are delicious! (oh yeah, and Go Blue!)
Also as of yesterday, we are officially YMCA members!  We are excited to be working out more, especially in the winter, and are excited to take the kids swimming soon!  Micah will do swim lessons sometime in the near future. 
(Right now we have to go separately so someone is with the kids...Adelie has to be 6 weeks to go in the nursery, so next week we can finally go as a family!)