Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adelie's dedication and Micah's swim lessons

Adelie and Maddie were dedicated today at church! Thanks to all the friends and family who support us in raising her in the way of the Lord and will pray for us and her! We are so blessed.
 Yesterday started Micah's swim lessons (every Sat for 6 weeks). They worked on blowing bubbles in the water, kicking from the side of the pool, kicking on their belly with a kickboard, and kicking on their back with a board. And Micah's forte, jumping in from the side of the pool! He had a blast.
 Good job blowing bubbles Daddy!

 After swim lessons...
 7 weeks as of last Wednesday!
 Why do we always have naked pics of Micah? He is such a goober.
 Bonding time

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