Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our kids

Micah has been into me taking silly pictures of him, then he says "I wanna see it!"  
Enjoy the many faces of Micah!
 Micah insisted that he hold Adelie. It was so cute, I ran to get the camera, and this is the face he gives me!  
 Adelie rockin her Wolverine wear! Go Blue!

Micah has been such a good big brother. He tells me when she is crying, and most of the time he tells me that "She need more milk!"
Yesterday I took the kids on my first solo grocery shopping trip.  Everyone lied and no spankings were given, so I consider it a success! When we were leaving, I put the groceries in the back and packed up both kids, and I told Micah I was going to run and put the cart away. I told him if Adelie started crying to just talk to her.  So I lock the doors and run to put the cart away quick. I get back to the car and Adelie is crying and I hear Micah saying, "Its ok Alalie, Mommy's here! Mommy's here!  I talkin to her Mama!"  What a big helper he is!  He is being such a good big brother!

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