Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 weeks, ski goggles, and comparisons!

 I love this boy!  I really needed this pic today to remind me how he brightens my day! Why you ask? Someone was really resisting nap time today, and boy did I need some quiet!  
We have been letting him go around the house in big boy underpants for short periods of time lately. Hoping it speeds the potty training process up a bit! He is going more on the potty now-we have been trying to get him on the potty 2-5 times a day, especially first thing in the morning and first thing after nap.  He has been running about a 50% success rate the past few days. Yay!

 This is my favorite shot! Haha, poor kid, I'm keeping this as blackmail for later!
 Adelie at about 1 month                                                                      Micah at about 1 month
A lot of people are saying Adelie reminds them of Micah as a baby.  You decide! (also coming soon-baby pics of Matt and me to compare with the kids!)
 (Same time frame)
As of today, Adelie is 5 weeks old!!

 Micah wanted to be the baby today...What a goon
 My latest purchases-espresso, stove top espresso maker, and milk frother! For about $50, I'm making my own lattes at home!  They are delicious! (oh yeah, and Go Blue!)
Also as of yesterday, we are officially YMCA members!  We are excited to be working out more, especially in the winter, and are excited to take the kids swimming soon!  Micah will do swim lessons sometime in the near future. 
(Right now we have to go separately so someone is with the kids...Adelie has to be 6 weeks to go in the nursery, so next week we can finally go as a family!)

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