Saturday, February 23, 2013

Matt and Jennie's baby pictures!

Ok sorry it took so long, but as promised, I am posting our baby pictures!  We have had so many opinions about how our kids look like.  See these and decide for yourself!!

Matt's baby pics
 This is the exact face Adelie makes when she cries...


Mama Maier, this one is for you!  Actually I especially love this one for two reasons:
 1-Matt's side profile is definitely passed down to our kids!! 
2-Helga is in the car riding home from the hospital with Matt on her lap!  That so doesn't fly these days! Love it!

 Jennie's Baby Pics
This is an Adelie facial expression!

 I love this-it shows how wonderful car seats were back in the day!
I don't want to infulence anyone's opinions, but our kids are so Matt's kids!  They are little mini Matts!

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  1. Yes, i have to agree, they do look like Matt...we can only have hope they'll grow out of it...jk! That last pic of u and ur sibs was too funny, that's quite the face you're making!