Monday, August 16, 2010

Update on the Family

We have been totally slacking on updating this blog, and for that we apologize! Matt was on his Canada fishing trip July 30-August 8, so I'm sure he will want to post about that and some good pics for everyone. But in the mean time, we got a new computer right before he left so as of right now I don't have access to our pics, and don't know how to download them off the camera yet to the new computer, hence no pics recently. Matt was gone for 9 days, and Micah and I missed him very much! Micah does not sleep well when Matt is gone. As soon as Matt got back, Micah was back to being a night time sleep champ.
August 7th while Matt was gone, I ran in the Coloma Glad PEach Festival 5K. This is my second 5K run since Micah was born. My times weren't horrible, but seriously slower than my pre-baby times! I will keep working on it. I'm just glad I'm out there doing it.
We took our second trip to the cabin in Brohman with Micah this last weekend. He is better behaved now that he is a little older, but the drive home he cried for 2 out of the 2.5 hours it takes to get home. Trust me, I was ready to pull my hair out! But actually up at the cabin he seemed to really enjoy being outside and just relaxing with us (well, mainly me since Daddy likes to fish....a lot!) Cute pics of this trip to come as well!
We are waiting for a little niece, hopefully arriving very soon! Her due date was yesterday!
Other than that, trying to relish the last few weeks of the summer before Matt has to start back at school. Our summer schedule is pretty crazy, but at least it is flexible (unlike the school year).
Oh, big house project-we plan on starting to redo our one and only bathroom this week, so pray this goes well and is able to get done in a timely manner!
Check back soon for Canada trip pics, Brohman pics, and the cutest bare-bottom Micah pics!

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