Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Baby! It's a...

We had our ultrasound appointment this morning. Our baby is looking perfect!  We found out the gender and decided to have a revealing party with family.  I made cupcakes and filled them with the color frosting coordinating with the gender...Everyone bit in at the same time, and...
 Mama Maier squealed, best reaction!

 The frosting was PINK!!!  Its a girl!!!
 Mom and her daughters, and their future kids! Probably the last opportunity for Jess and I to still be pregnant at the same time (she is due in 1.5 weeks!!)
 Ultrasound pics-I didn't blow them up or anything, they weren't that fantastic. If you want to see them, just ask!
 The kids enjoyed the cupcakes!  
So here it is, our baby girl!  Her name is Adelie Jane Maier!
We are so thrilled!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Trip to Mancelona

We went up north this past week to Dave and Ashley's cabin in Mancelona, also with the Maier's.  Had such  a great time swimming, playing with cousins, and the grown ups playing too much Settlers of Catan!
Our fearless swimmer! Before this swimming time, he actually said he would be right back, ran into the cabin to retrieve for me a swimmer diaper to put on him!! The boy loves to swim
 The flying squirrel
 Finley and Micah eating Craisins like it is their job!
 Beautiful sunset
 Micah and Teague watching the Elmo movie that was watched a few too many times
 Micah found a new friend-a fuzzy catepillar
 Still holding his "bug" in his hands
 Pooped after an awesome week up north! Thanks Dave and Ashley for having us for the week!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where did the summer go??

Finally realizing summer is coming to a close.  Matt has finally received his assignment/placement -Lincoln Elementary School, 5th grade! He has been in his classroom since Tuesday (which was the first time he had seen it) getting ready for the year.  He is very excited for this move! Good to be a Bear again!
 Another Kramer incident

20 weeks as of yesterday!!! Half way point
Next pregnancy post will be after our ultrasound on August 28th! We are so excited to find out the gender of our little Jelly Bean!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just some pictures!

Built a fort with Daddy
 Eating his first Twinkie
 Updating Micah's room-finally making into a big boy room! The desk is downstairs, moved the dresser to the wall where the desk was, Paris pics are down, and his name is on the wall!
 Name above his bed-pardon the unmade bed
 And Kramer has a boyfriend...Just brought this lion home from Matt's classroom because we needed it for VBS this week, and Kramer wanted to hold his paw!