Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Baby! It's a...

We had our ultrasound appointment this morning. Our baby is looking perfect!  We found out the gender and decided to have a revealing party with family.  I made cupcakes and filled them with the color frosting coordinating with the gender...Everyone bit in at the same time, and...
 Mama Maier squealed, best reaction!

 The frosting was PINK!!!  Its a girl!!!
 Mom and her daughters, and their future kids! Probably the last opportunity for Jess and I to still be pregnant at the same time (she is due in 1.5 weeks!!)
 Ultrasound pics-I didn't blow them up or anything, they weren't that fantastic. If you want to see them, just ask!
 The kids enjoyed the cupcakes!  
So here it is, our baby girl!  Her name is Adelie Jane Maier!
We are so thrilled!

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