Monday, April 15, 2013

Parks and Parties

Happy Birthday Aunt Alli! We stopped by Alli's house on her lunch break to say happy bday. Before hand, we were at Bigby coffee, and Micah was telling everyone he saw that he was going to Alli's for her bday! too cute. 
Afterwards, we went to Riverview park and enjoyed the warmer weather.  Micah is a huge fan of the swings!
 He also enjoyed the merry-go-round.  I asked if he was dizzy, and he said no. Then while trying to get off, he fell down and laughed because he couldn't hold himself up!
 Rewind to the weekend-we traveled to Ann Arbor/Saline Friday to celebrate Lydia's first bday! I'm terrible and din't take any pictures, but it was fun and Lydia was too cute in her ladybug outfit and tutu!
Saturday on the way home, Matt insisted we go to Mongolian BBQ for dinner because we haven't been in a few years.  Micah loved the rice and ate it right from the bowl.

 Adelie's first Mongo BBQ visit.

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