Monday, April 1, 2013


Ok, this isn't Easter, but soo cute! The Maier cousins, cheering for Michigan last Friday night!
Coloring Easter eggs

 Easter at Grandma and Papa Maier's
 Seriously, this is the best one we got of the two of them...they would not cooperate!
 These are the two best family shots. 
This is right before Micah threw himself on the ground in protest.
 Our pretty princess
 Micah had a rough day. He had a bad cough and probably had a fever. Snuggling with Aunt Jan!
 Easter Egg Hunt
 Adelie playing on the floor. She had just rolled over for the first (and then the second) time!

Today we went to get the kids pictures done (Adelie will be 3 months old tomorrow and Micah 3 yrs old on Wed).  We planned on getting pics of them separately and then together.  Micah did not cooperate. He had 2 pics taken-one he had a straight face, the other a scowl and looking down.  Not what I had hoped for! Adelie however performed beautifully, and in less than 3 minutes we had at least 10 great smiling pics! So good for her, better luck next time for the rest of the pics!

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