Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day-Micah and I started the day by meeting over at my parents house before us girls and kids went to the beach. It was the debut of the hummer! My parents won or got this Hummer Power wheels at an auction/charity event last year sometime for the grandkids, but Gabe and Micah aren't old enough to work it yet. But Teague was over...and he had the privelidge to be the first to drive it! He did really well! Micah looks worried in most of the pictures, though...

Then the girls and kids went to the beach. Also Micah's first time to the beach-he was fascinated with the sand. It kept him occupied and happy for a long time!

After that Micah and I stayed at my parent's house, where he finally went down for his afternoon nap at 2:45...he didn't want to miss anything! Gramps, Jess, and Myke came over and we grilled and played games, of course! Very relaxing holiday! Though we did miss Matt (Daddy) as he worked with Drew most of the day then had plans for his fishing with some guys.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleepy lunch time

Saturday, Micah was eating lunch, and he was so tired he had his eyes closed, blindly grabbing and eating his food. The second picture he opened his eyes because he saw the bright flash, but went back to eating with his eyes closed! Never seen this before, he was just so tuckered out.

Three Seasons room!

So Matt finally had some time to get back to the 3 seasons room this weekend! Only thing left is decorating, and we need to put the trim back in. Micah and Bufous were having a hay-day in there today!

Micah exploring the new space
Furniture in!

Came back from church tonight and found an arrow on the floor of this room...traced it to the neighbors house. Came through the screen and hit the other side of the room and made a dent in the wall. We are so lucky no one was in the room at the time!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

It was a good day to be a mom! My little man is too cute, I'm so blessed to have him in my life. And of course an awesome husband who is a fantastic dad for Micah.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

3 seasons room started!

So 3 seasons room in the making! We bought flooring like what we have in our basement, but it has to be on a hard, smooth surface. The previous owners put 2x4s down over the cement, which Matt ripped out today. That was the most time consuming part of the day! My job was to wash the walls...and watch Micah of course.

Ripping out boards
Still ripping out boards...

Taking out the last pieces of wood

Shop vac the floor

Now Matt has a clean flat surface to start putting in the floor. No today though. He had work to do preparing tomorrow's Sunday school lesson and bless his heart, went grocery shopping with Micah so he could cook me lunch on Mother's day!

From earlier this week-Micah 13 months old

As of May 3rd, Micah is now 13 months old. Not walking on his own, but walks along the walls and will walk holding only one of my hands. Won't be long now!

Winding down for bedtime. My boys were watching America's Funniest Videos...seriously.
Looking up at me, concerned.

Weird development-he was crawling, not on his knees but his feet!

He looked so funny!

13 months old!

Monday, May 2, 2011

A day in the life of Micah

Micah has been busier than ever. Even though he isn't walking yet, he is fast and gets into trouble even faster. No picture of him getting into the fireplace, you can imagine that one.

He loves taking down all the shoes.
He has become quite the musician-he has finally figured out how to make sounds on the recorder

Ripping up a napkin, most likely something he pulled out of the trash

Toast all over his face as he tries to get out of his seat at the table.

"helping" me dust. This pic taken right before he tried to eat the rag.

Busy Busy Busy.

Umm...don't you think I know Easter was over a week ago?

Sorry for the impossibly long delay...Easter weekend updates! I was so busy last week, then this past weekend our blog vanished, and magically reappeared again. Still don't understand what happened with that, but I'm glad it is back! So Saturday, the day before Easter, we spent at the Calhoun's with family. First time I ever had steak for Easter dinner-and it was fabulous! Don't know the last time we had steak. Then of course, in Calhoun tradition, played games :)

Micah is a whiz at Five Crowns!

On Easter, we arrived to church early for the sunrise breakfast.
Opa talking with his "Smiley" during the meal

After church, Grandma Maier put on an Easter egg hunt for Teague and Micah. They had a great time! (Of course, they had to make it really easy for a 1 and 2 year old, so the eggs were just laying all over the lawn)

He even helped put them in his bag

After dinner, both boys were ready for a nap :) Thanks Papa John for taking the time to get Micah to sleep!

This was technically Micah's 2nd Easter...though his first Easter was spent in the hospital when he was only a day old :)