Friday, April 15, 2011

A day late...

I was going to post yesterday, but I worked all day then was zonked. So, yesterday, 4 years ago...
Matt shows up unexpectedly at Gallup Park (Ann Arbor) while Ashley and I were going for a run Where he got down on one knee and asked a life changing question
And I said yes!
Before dinner that night to celebrate!

Off topic... But also, today, Happy Birthday Alli! I love you-you are so crazy and awesome, so blessed to have you as one of my besties!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Much needed weekend in Brohman

Micah relaxing with Ben-practice for the soon-to-be dad! Crawling on the table
So cute! First canoe "ride"

This week was nonstop for us! Even though it was Matt's spring break, he was still working with Drew on lawns. Our Tues, WEd, and Thur consisted of us both working different shifts and passing Micah back and forth :( Then Thursday he still worked part of the day while I was doing my 12 hour shift, then was grocery shopping and packing the rest of the afternoon while wrangling the little man. We left late Thursday night when I got back from work. We were hoping Micah would sleep in the car, which he did for the last hour and a half or so, but when we got to the cabin, he was wide awake-too excited to go back to sleep! He finally went back down at 12:30, right as Miles and Alli arrived.

He was a perfect angel Friday, went to the bait and tackle shop with Matt and played games in the afternoon with the girls-also took a trip to a local diner and the finest White Cloud shopping- Family Dollar!

Saturday Eileen and Ben (and baby Santee!) came for the day. I'm a horrible Mama and forgot my camera, so Eileen was nice enough to provide today's blog post with pictures!

Sunday-back to reality and back to home.

Trying out the kayak

Monday, April 4, 2011

1 year checkup

Alright! Dr. Driscoll says Micah is looking great! Even almost took a couple of steps for him. After peeing all over the scale and almost on the nurse, the stats are in: Weight: 19lbs 11oz (5-10th percentile) Length: 30 inches (50%) Head Circumfrence: 18.75 inches (75%-a smartie! though not as smart as Cousin Gabe)
Sporting Daddy's colors today :) (Thanks Grandma Julie)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

One year ago today...

This day last year in pictures...
April 3rd, 2010-9am-just got an epidural, feeling much more comfortable! A few hours before our lives would change forever... Sorry if this pic is too graphic for you...12:13 pm, Micah Reuben is born!
So sweet
First family photo
Mama and Micah

Daddy and Micah
Weighing in-5lb 15oz
Going home outfit
First time in his home
Snuggle time with Daddy


We love you so much!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Micahs First Birthday Party!

Although Micah doesn't officially turn one until noon tomorrow, we got the fam together this afternoon to celebrate! Thanks to everyone who came!
I took the time to make homemade sugar cookies-notice they are in the shape of "1"s! Micah is ready to party!
Jenn and Gabe were here for the festivities! And Josh of course, JEss and Myke, Drew, Rebecca, TEauge and Finley, Melissa and Alex, Grandpa Laber, Opa, G&G Calhoun and G&G Maier
Hanging with Opa
Didn't quite like his birthday hat

His first cake
He wanted to share his frosting with Aunt Jess
Not quite sure yet...
But he soon discovered how good that cake was!
He made a mess

Opening gifts
Camo sun hat
Whiffle balls...keeping him occupied for a long time!
Gabe is a really good stacker :)
Seriously a few minutes after the last few people left...sugar coma crash!