Saturday, July 23, 2011

Micah's first trip to the zoo!

So this weekend we were actually planning on going to Brohman to the cabin, but the weather forecast looked unsure-scattered t-storms and hot weather. We decided to hang out at home, have a stay-cation, but do some local things. Last minute we decided to go to South Bend to the Potawatami Zoo with Aunt Jess and Uncle Myke!

Micah clapping for the fish frenzy
YEs, those are all fish!

Being a Monkey

Micah didn't want to be the cow...

Petting the goats!



When we got home from the zoo, Matt went outside to discuss the shed with Opa. I just thought they were too cute!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Manistee Family Vacation-part 1

July 2-9th we went with my family (Mom and Dad, Jess and Myke, Jenn, Josh, and Gabe) to a rental house on Lake Michigan in Manistee. We had a blast! These are only a few of the pics we took!

Packing to leave
Sunday there was a festival going on in downtown Manistee. They had a petting zoo, carnival rides, and a flea market. Micah got up close and personal with the goats!

That was a huge goat!

We went on a little train ride-that ended up to be too much for the adults! The crazy man driving was doing figure 8s and going sooo fast....he obviously didn't know his audience! The boys looked worried!

Car show at the festival-Micah wanted to show this truck to his Uncle Alex and Aunt Melissa!

Monday-Happy Fourth of July! Fireworks!!!

Manistee family vacation!- part 2

Nap time with Daddy in the hammock

My boys at the beach!

Struttin his stuff

Gabe and Micah at the beach


Blue Moon ice cream with Uncle Myke at the House of Flavors

Wednesday-boating! Driving the pontoon boat with Grandpa

He is a natural!

First S'more

Cousin love

Loving on Daddy

Jump on Matt time

Grammy and her boys

Thursday-going for a hike!

Man Made lake in Manistee

Banging on pots and pans in the kitchen

Thursday night-Micah has a fever. Cuddling with Aunt Jess and Uncle Myke

Friday night-still not feeling good. Cuddling with Grandpa