Saturday, July 23, 2011

Micah's first trip to the zoo!

So this weekend we were actually planning on going to Brohman to the cabin, but the weather forecast looked unsure-scattered t-storms and hot weather. We decided to hang out at home, have a stay-cation, but do some local things. Last minute we decided to go to South Bend to the Potawatami Zoo with Aunt Jess and Uncle Myke!

Micah clapping for the fish frenzy
YEs, those are all fish!

Being a Monkey

Micah didn't want to be the cow...

Petting the goats!



When we got home from the zoo, Matt went outside to discuss the shed with Opa. I just thought they were too cute!

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  1. Yes it's time to hit all the zoos in the area. Hope our kids remember all the zoos we took them to while they were growing up. Potawatomi, Binder Park in Battle Creek, John Ball Park in Grand Rapids, Brookfield, possibly Lincoln Park and the zoo in Phoenix.