Monday, October 25, 2010

Anberlin and Grand Mere Walk

Saturday night, Grandma Helga came to watch Micah and Matt and I went to see Anberlin at the House of Blues in Chicago! Among many interesting happenings (eating at BK in the hood, Crazy Chicago traffic, pumping in the bathrooms because we didn't know parking would be valet, and then being among some very interesting people), we had an awesome time! There were two bands before Anberlin-Crash Kings and Civil Twilight. We really enjoyed the first, not so much the other one. Matt was happy with Anberlin because not only did they play some of their stuff from their newset album, they played some older goodies too. This was Matt's birthday present from me since it is our favorite band!
Alright, then Sunday afternoon we took a family walk in Grand Mere State Park. Its something we would likie to do every year to see all the fall colors. Here are some pics!
Micah loves being outside

Looking all around


His first roll in the leaves

Daddy and Micah

Having a good time

Ok, not from this weekend, but earlier last week Matt put Micah's pants on his head-he looked hilarious!

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  1. Looks like Matt is continuing the family tradition of talking a walk in Grand Mere on Sunday afternoons. That was something John did with you guys.