Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our little monster

Micah is a monster for Halloween this year. Or a dinasour, or others that I've heard this week-alligator, frog, or caterpillar (seriously?). He is getting his use out of this outfit. He wore it to our church's Fall Family Fun Fair this past Wednesday, and we went to Daddy's school to visit Friday and he wore his costume then (the school doesn't allow students to wear costumes, so I thought someone should be able to!) His students loved him, they really got a kick out of him. Also the teachers he works with were all over him! What can I say, he is the cutest monster I've ever seen!
He will also be wearing his costume later today when we have some friends over. Probably wear it again tomorrow night, too, when we go out trick or treating with cousin Teague! Best $15 purchase ever!
Reading The Chocolate Touch to Daddy's students

Eating Nerds with Daddy at FFFF (no, not really, but he really wanted to get his hands on them!)

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