Friday, October 8, 2010

Micah is 6 months

Thursday-a rescue outfit from Grammy Tami after Micah had a poopy blowout at her house!
Micah is typing his first paper. Matt is hoping he can help him with his Walden papers!

Okay, so I'm almost a week late on this...but Micah turned six months old this past Sunday the 3rd. I can't describe it, sometimes it feels like time has flown, and in another aspect it seems these past 6 months have gone on forever. I guess I just can't remember life without the little guy :) But anyway, he had his doctor appointment on Tuesday, had his round of shots, and was weighed. He weighed in at 15 lb 12 oz, which is the 25-50th percentile, right where he always has been. He is a healthy boy, just a little bit of a peanut still! Cousin Gabe has already outdone him by weighing 17.3 lb at his 4 month visit this week!

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