Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Not really running fast, but the blurriness of the pic gives us this coveted illusion
Kelly and I after we finished!

A family pic

Matt and I had the privilige to attend a marriage seminar at our church this past Friday night and Saturday. What an awesome time! Really got us thinking about things we could be doing to show our spouse more love and respect.

Aunt Jess and Uncle Myke requested to take Micah for us during the seminar, so they were able to get some good bonding time in with Mr. M. Thanks guys! It was really appreciated!

Saturday evening we headed to Grand Rapids and staying with friends, Bette and Steve Dickinson. They were gracious enough to let us stay over. Also Bette cooked an awesome dinner-even looking recipies that are good pre-race food! They were very gracious hosts, and we are so grateful. I was able to get a good night sleep before Sunday morning when I ran the Grand Rapids Metro Half Marathon with my friend Kelly Houseal. It was a beautiful day-started off chilly, but with the running you warm up fast. This was my first big race since Micah was born. Three years ago Kelly and I did the Chicago half, and my time was 2 hours 22 minutes. Two years ago I did this same Grand Rapids half in 2 hours 12 minutes. My goal was just to finish sometime in between these two times. I finished in 2 hours 13 min and 31 sec! YAY! As for Kelly, she kicked my butt! She left me about half way through-she was really cooking. She finished in 2 hours 9 min. Good work Kel Kels! I'm so proud!
Also really paying for it today-I feel like I can barely walk. Oh well, a reminder of all the hard work that was put into the race.

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