Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend in Rockford!

Had a great weekend! HAd the opportunity to visit Doug and Sarah Rau (Mr. Doug and Dr. Sarah) in Rockford with our other Maier family. HAd an awesome time hanging out, enjoying their beautiful house, and exploring downtown Rockford. Thanks for having us! Several pics of the weekend:
The stairs were a big hit for Micah-he really has a good time going up and down. When Teague saw how much fun he was having, he joined in. Cousin and Aunt love on the stairs

We went to a cute coffee shop, Hermans Boy
Becks and Finn at the coffee shop
Matt and Finn playing in the living room (look at that belly!)
Finn (sorry, this pic should have been flipped)
Micah Man

Dr. Sarah and Mr. M
Cousins playing-cute!
Another huge hit of the weekend-the tingler!
Weird sensation!
Finn and Teague on our walk

At the Rockford Dam
It was gorgeous
At a cute pizza bistro downtown
Manatee Man is tuckered out. On the drive home Sat. night.

Sunday afternoon-this is what doing your Masters and having a baby looks like...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Busy Boy

Micah is keeping us on our toes. Always getting into something! Lately he likes to turn the computer on and off repeatedly (the power button glows blue, so its very tantalizing!) Hence the greater spaces between posting on the blog-I have to wait until he is sleeping or he will turn it off mid sentence! This last Wednesday, Micah had his first haircut (by us!). He was getting a mullet. He looks so handsome.

Rocking with Daddy-trying to take a nap earlier in the week. (Sunday maybe?)
Took out the DVDs from the cabinet and started putting them in Bufous' carpet box

First haircut!!

So handsome and happy!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Its about time!

Due to our computers not recognizing our camera memory card, or something like that, its been a while since updating. Sorry! Micah doesn't look that much different and we haven't done anything too exciting. My husband has taken another lover...below you see a pic of his new toy. He picked it up north of Kalamazoo a couple of Saturdays ago. Now I find him in the garage washing, waxing, and changing the oil. Or talking about all the different things he is getting or needs for the bike or to be driving it legally. While I'm inside taking care of our child. Haha!
Other than that, its been pretty normal around here! Micah is eating a wide variety of foods now-we give him a lot of what we eat at the table now. He is loving peas and blueberries, and I kid you not, I changed a diaper this morning with what looked like whole peas and blueberries. Not sure if his digestive system is ready for them yet!! Nasty.
Also trying to introduce cow's milk-which is not going so well. I will keep trying. I can't believe next month he will be a year old! Old man.
Matt's pride an joy
Micah loves helping with the dishes

Crawled into his toy bin, very proud!

Lately he has been pushing the carpet box around the room

Always has a good time in the bathtub

Brushing his teeth

Micah likes to pull his baskets down and empty all its contents...guess what has to pick it all back up??

I can't believe this! After all the months of me trying to get him to use a paci, he picked one up off the bookshelf in his room and stuck it right in his mouth! Little turkey.

Shoving banana in his mouth. You wouldnt believe how much he can fit in there!