Monday, March 7, 2011

Its about time!

Due to our computers not recognizing our camera memory card, or something like that, its been a while since updating. Sorry! Micah doesn't look that much different and we haven't done anything too exciting. My husband has taken another lover...below you see a pic of his new toy. He picked it up north of Kalamazoo a couple of Saturdays ago. Now I find him in the garage washing, waxing, and changing the oil. Or talking about all the different things he is getting or needs for the bike or to be driving it legally. While I'm inside taking care of our child. Haha!
Other than that, its been pretty normal around here! Micah is eating a wide variety of foods now-we give him a lot of what we eat at the table now. He is loving peas and blueberries, and I kid you not, I changed a diaper this morning with what looked like whole peas and blueberries. Not sure if his digestive system is ready for them yet!! Nasty.
Also trying to introduce cow's milk-which is not going so well. I will keep trying. I can't believe next month he will be a year old! Old man.
Matt's pride an joy
Micah loves helping with the dishes

Crawled into his toy bin, very proud!

Lately he has been pushing the carpet box around the room

Always has a good time in the bathtub

Brushing his teeth

Micah likes to pull his baskets down and empty all its contents...guess what has to pick it all back up??

I can't believe this! After all the months of me trying to get him to use a paci, he picked one up off the bookshelf in his room and stuck it right in his mouth! Little turkey.

Shoving banana in his mouth. You wouldnt believe how much he can fit in there!

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