Monday, February 21, 2011

Two weeks with Birdie

While Alex and Melissa were in Africa, we had the pleasure of watching their cat, Birdie. Sweet little kitty, not all too smart, but we are used to that with Bufous. They came to pick her up today :( I know we will miss her, but Bufous is losing a good friend! Here are some pics showing their love!
Bufous and Birdie spooning-and this and the next pic were taken on Valentine's Day :)

Bufous giving Birdie kisses
And back to our dumb cat. He climbed up into Micah's seat at the table and expected food.

Micah likes to be a dog...he likes to crawl around with things hanging out of his mouth. He found these napkins in his new favorite drawer in the kitchen.

They frequently took naps together in our bed.

Sunday afternoon nap. Matt got a fire going, and we all napped for awhile in the Brohman room (I was in the black recliner, and Birdie came to join me, she is so sweet!)

Micah's toy he borrowed from his cousins-he really does walk behind it, he just got it caught on the wall somehow.

Here is where he found the napkins!

Birdie was always in the sink-drinking water and frequently licking out any dirty dish she could find!


  1. Hilarious! Bufous and Birdie as a couple. You'll have to set up play dates.

  2. I loved the pics of Bufous and Birdie. SO cute!