Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall already

What a strange week with really hot weather turning into fall overnight. Busy week-I started my first women's Bible Study Fellowship Monday night, which I think I will really like. Unfortunately I've found I'm already behind on the daily work! Matt has been working at school and with the lawn business, throw in his Bible study, board meetings, youth group, and bathroom remodeling, and you can see we don't see him much during the week! Luckily this weekend we have had lots of time with Daddy, so it has been nice.
Friday night was Micah's first football game-St. Joe vs BH. He did pretty well, besides the fact he needed a nap so he was cranky for awhile. After he took a little nap he seemed to really enjoy being outside and watching the game. Plus the ladies behind us seemed to really be tickled by him.
Friday before the game I spent a few hours with my food processor making some homeade baby food to freeze. I made carrots, squash, apples, and pears.
Today he tried his first real food (besides rice cereal). I actually didn't use the foods I just made. We had bought a few jars of baby food at Wal-Mart the other day, so we put the jars in front of him and let him choose which one he wanted to try first. He chose squash, which was actually one of the first foods I ate as a baby, too. He seemed to really enjoy it!
Matt is working on painting the bathroom today (yay!) so the remodel is morving forward. He is also getting some good football watching in between coats :)
Micah and his squash
After his first football game

The Maier sweatshirt-Matt wore it when he was little!

The first batch of homemade baby food-carrots

Playing in his saucer

"Reading" a book to himself. I have another picture soon after this that he was crying-he figured out he can't read yet


  1. The only baby food I ever made was the strained meats because they cost so much in the little jars.