Thursday, September 16, 2010

September is the crazy times...

We have made it to September with a healthy 5 month old baby. Micah is getting bigger and bigger. He has finally started to outgrow his collection of 0 to 3 month clothes. He's getting really good at rolling over and I expect him to be pushing himself around sooner than later.

I have gone back to school. So far my students have been pretty good. I have a positive outlook on the school year. Along with school, I continue to help Drew with King Chop work after school till dark on some nights, and work on my masters course work when I can find the time. Celebrated my 28th birthay on the 15th. My first one as a daddy... that was pretty special. I even got a present from my son before I left for school. Never mind you that it was brown and wrapped in a diaper. My students made my day when they assured me that the definition of "old" is being over 80 years. I guess I have a ways to go still.

My sister got married on the 4th. She and Alex start their new life together, and we are excited that they are around and that in a way, we will get to be a part of it.

This weekend we are heading to Van Buren State Park in South Haven for the annual church camping trip. It will be Micah's first time in a tent. Should be rather interesting. Needless to say, mom is a bit more worried about the whole event than dad is. She should know that Micah is a Maier, and the Maiers just belong outdoors. We will do our best to post some info / pics from the trip. Until then, enjoy the early fall weather we are getting a sneak peek of.

wide eyed

Sink baths were the result of the latest home improvement project - a bathroom remodel.

I think he felt right at home.

Back to school means even Bufous gets busy when assisting me in paper grading.

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