Monday, September 20, 2010

Church Camping Weekend

Melissa, Teague, and Bow

Cute Cousin Finley

All smiles Saturday evening

Dale with Micah

Matt carrying Mr. M in the front pack

Our first camping trip with Micah was interesting! I remembered almost everything we would need-Something I forgot that was kind of important was a hat for Micah. Luckily cousin Finley let Micah borrow a cute pink polka dotted hat :) Matt did run back home Saturday morning for firewood, so he was able to get him a "manly" warm hat.

Weather wasn't the best. Friday night was nice but very cold. I didn't sleep well. I kept checking on Micah making sure he wasn't too cold (always the worry wart). He did well, slept from 10pm to 5am (at home he does about 9 or 10pm to 7am). Saturday morning started with a bang, literally. About 7am or so there was some thunder and lightening, followed by a good rainshower. It stopped for awhile, then another storm came through around noon. Micah was able to nap through the afternoon one for awhile, so at least we didn't end up with a cranky baby on top of the wet, nasty weather. Micah joined daddy at another campsite that night to watch the MSU vs. ND game (which he was already sleeping, but at least we were able to stay at the fire instead of go to bed with him). Sleeping Saturday night did not go as well-he was up at one in the morning and had to sleep the rest of the night with mom and dad in bed.

Sunday morning we were able to be all packed up and ready to roll out before the church service started. Pastor Alex brought a great message, which Micah slept through....sorry Alex!

All in all, glad we did it. But if it were to be more than a weekend, I don't think I could handle it!

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