Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Micah goes to the dentist!

Micah visited the dentist for the first time today! It was interesting. The first visit they just wanted to talk to Micah, show him their tools, and try to look in his mouth. He let Michelle, the hygienist, look for a second, but he ended up letting Dr Kelly look for awhile. She is concerned, she sees some ships already in his teeth, which will leave him susceptible for cavities. So we have to be extra careful with his teeth, no more juice or gummies for him! Also he has a lot of crowding already and will need an appliance by the time he is 6 or 7 to make room for permanent teeth. Poor thing!
He also went to the doctor yesterday for his 2 yr check up. This little peanut has only gained 1lb 1oz since his 18 month visit! He weighs 24lb 14oz. Still in the 10-15% range for his age.

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  1. Oh no! Ships in his teeth!? Sounds's justa little squirgle. :)