Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter in Iron Mountain

We left for Iron Mountain early Thursday morning, to visit Alex and Melissa. Long car ride, took us about 6.5 hrs of driving and a few stops. Micah was really good. We left super early so he could sleep in the car. Then we stopped for breakfast, he watched Toy Story, played with some toys, then we were there! We loved it up there. Gorgeous. We went hiking a bit Friday morning and saw awesome scenery, however that is the one day we forgot to bring the camera with... :( Thursday night Melissa and I went to her place of employment (YMCA) and took a Zumba class. My first time-it was so much fun. Friday night Good Friday service at church, Saturday the boys went out fishing and hiking and the girls went shopping. Visited some good eats as well. Sunday we finally got to hear Alex preach again at church! Definately missed that. It was great to see them again and spend some time with them, experience their new environment.
Playground down the street from their house
Happy Easter!

Making himself comfy on the ride home, watching Open Season! He did great on the way home too. Played with his cars for an hour, took an hour and 40 min nap, woke up, we stopped for dinner, he watched a movie and had some treats. Never cried! Matt is now convinced we can take a road trip to Colorado this summer with him....right.

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