Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Micah's Two!!

Sunday we threw a party for Micah's second birthday! Grandma Helga organized an awesome Easter egg and basket hunt. Teague ruled in the games, but he is a year older than the other 3! (Micah, Gabe, and Finley, all 2 months apart-April, June, and August). They were so fun to watch run around.

Matt helped Micah open gifts this year. We had to move quickly because he had so many presents! A lot of clothes, toys, and balls! He is a spoiled boy.
Micah's pride and joy-his Woody doll.
Happy Birthday to you! A Toy Story themed cake! The candle in the middle is Buzz lightyear. And later in the evening, Micah actually chewed off Buzz's head. Yuck

Side note, Mama's new toy! I love my new elliptical! Micah gets on once in awhile too, he thinks its his.
Gramps instigating tease-the-kitty time! Kramer loved it!
Silly boys!
Micah and his Tiger's gear-ready for opening day!!! In Micah's words, Go Tigers "Rawr!"
Thanks to everyone who came to the party or wished Micah a happy birthday! I can't believe he is 2 already! Time really does fly! We love that boy so much!

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