Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Bikes!

Just a few pics from last week-I had some tired boys Saturday night! (St Pattys Day)
Art work Micah has done at daycare. Valentines Day and St Patty's Day. I'm a proud Mama!

I went with Mom to Saline this past Friday/Saturday. We stayed with Josh, Jenn, and Gabe, and we hit the Mom 2 Mom sale Saturday morning It was so much fun, bought a lot of great stuff for Micah. Clothes, an Elmo costume, Elmo dolls, Spongebob chair, and a new side rail (he busted through his old one!). Probably my favorite find is his new bike! Just a little Radio Flyer tricycle. He looks so cute on it! So far he hasn't propelled himself forward yet, but he is getting the idea. He know where to put his hands and feet, and he feels the motion as we push the bike.
Oh yeah, Daddy got a new bike too. He is more excited about his bike than Micah is about his own.
Micah does like sitting on the motorcycles. He is finally over calling them cars and will now call them bikes.
Playing in the yard. That is one handsome boy!
If you can picture it, he is saying "Choo choo!" and pumping his arm up and down :)

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