Sunday, February 13, 2011

Getting into trouble

Just a few pictures showing Micah getting into trouble...
I was doing my Bible study lesson and Matt was watching Man vs. Wild...can you guess who was supposed to be watching Micah?? This is what we discovered he was getting into...
He even put some tampons in the tub.

Driving his boat in the church nursery Sunday morning

We bought Micah his next car seat, which he can't use until he is 1 year old. He tried it out and didn't seem to mind it too much. Hopefully he will like this one better than the one he has now!

Eating his cheerios with a spoon...

Bathtime bubbles!!

I think Birdie wanted to nap with him! Micah was only there for a few minutes...I don't let him nap on the couch anymore, don't worry!


  1. Tampons are for bloody noses! Don't worry,that makes them totally manly Love, Aunt Jessica

  2. Love the tampons! Can't wait until he asks what they're for!!!

  3. Haven't seen Birdie since she's grown. Wonder if she'll miss Bufous when she goes home next week? Micah is so much like his dad when he was that age. Brings back memories of Matt getting into my kitchen cabinets, playing with the stereo turntable, needle, and knobs. Just inquisitive. That's how they learn, sometimes the hard way.