Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Matt's Week

Fun and busy week on my end.  Canada was once again my dream vacation.  I'd be lying if I said I don't feel a bit guilty about getting away for a week and Jennie staying behind with Micah.  I think I will get over it.  I owe her big time though.

The fishing was great once again.  Had a great time with the 7 other guys that went to the camp with us.  Got to spend some quality time with my uncle Norm, Adam, Dale, Ryder, Jerry Aldridge, Dick Murphy, and my dad.  Normally we catch mostly walleye, but this year was a little different.  We still caught plenty of walleye, but northern pike seemed to be the fish that were the most hungry, or willing to strike.  I didn't mind, being that a large northern gives up a better fight than most walleye.  My best pike fishing was Tuesday afternoon when Dale and I decided to try fishing the river between Wine Lake and Wabauskang Lake.  We caught 53 northern in one afternoon.  It was rare for us to make a cast and not get a hit, or have a fish follow the lure to the boat.  We ate fish every day, if not twice a day.  I think I've had my fill of walleye for a while now.  In all, we ended up roughly catching 300+ northern pike, 200+ walleye, a couple dozen smallmouth bass, and a couple dozen jumbo perch.

I got to celebrate dad's 59th birthday with him in a special way.  He and I took the boat over the rapids and fished one of the adjoining lakes (Wine Lake) the whole afternoon.  We saw an eagle take a fish off the surface of the water.  We've done the Wine Lake trip before, but it was the best fishing we've ever had there.  The highlight of the trip might be the fish that we didn't catch.  I was reeling in a 16 inch walleye only to be surprised that once I got it up to the boat a northern pike over 45 inches was stalking my walleye.  My dad tried to net the northern, but there was no way it was going to fit in our net.  It was a moment that reminded me of the line in Jaws where they say, "We're going to need a bigger boat!"  It was easily the largest pike I have ever seen.

My biggest fear about going on this trip was that I might be contacted by SJPS in regards to applying for a teaching position.  Being out of the country I couldn't check my phone messages.  Well, it happened.  I was contacted by one of the principals who wanted to set up an interview.  When we started our drive home I checked my voice messages immediately after we had passed through customs.  I contacted the principal and was fortunate enough to still set up an interview.  To make a long story short my first interview was a very positive experience.  So many friends and family have been praying about this... THANK YOU!  It sounds like I will be hearing back from the principal in about a week and will know more then.  It would be a joy and a blessing to be able to work at SJPS, but I am trying not to get my hopes up.  I am constantly reminded that this is all in God's hands.  He will work things out more perfectly than I could ever imagine.

22 inch walleye at Lost Lake

Fishing at the "Hotel"

Smallmouth Bass


  1. Oh, you just can't beat those Canadian sunsets!

  2. You don't happen to be one of the "interviews" at Lincoln on Thursday, do you?

  3. Yes, I am. Pray for me. Interview starts at 12:30. I am definitely nervous, but ready.

  4. Praying for you right now! For you, and selfishly...I would love for you to be Asher's teacher. You'll do great, I'm sure.

  5. It must have went well....Asher said they had to "give points to all the teachers" and he gave you the highest. I asked him if he did that just because he knows you. He said, "I do not know him". So, he wasn't biast, he really liked you. I explained to him who you are and he said, "next time I see Mr. Maier at school, I'll tell him I know his baby." We will keep praying. Let us know when you know something.

    1. Thanks for the prayers Jamie! I have been offered a teaching position with SJ. It will be official after I meet with the superintendent for approval.