Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A week without Matt

So if you didn't already know, Matt was gone this past week, fishing in Canada.  Last time he went Micah was only a few months old, maybe 4 months because I remember going to work.  I don't know which time was worse! Haha. It wasn't too bad, we kept busy. I took Micah to the pool twice, we went to the beach once, I had to work two days, lunch at Oma's twice, and we spent some time at my parent's house.  Didn't take any pics this week, Matt had the camera.  He will be posting later about his trip.
We are so glad Matt is home now!  In the full day since he was home, we had a baby Dr's appointment, Matt did something special which he will have to share with you, and even though he spend Monday afternoon at work with Drew, we spent so much time together as a family.
 Cooling off together in the kiddie pool
 Micah being a redneck and streaking in the sprinkler
 Went to the fountain to cool off some more
 He was loving it!
When the canons were going off
13 1/2 weeks pregnant with Jelly Bean
Sadly this is the first belly pic we have taken. Time has really run away from us! With Micah we started pics at 8 weeks or so and took them every 2 or 4 weeks.  I looked back at some of them. I'm already bigger now than I was with Micah at 22 weeks....yikes!!!
Update on the appointment-heard the heart beat via doppler. HR 172, which according to old wives tales, it means a girl.  I don't buy it, I'm convinced it's a boy.  We will see! In other exciting news, we have our big ultrasound in 8 weeks! (August 28 we will find out if we are having  a girl or boy. This is especially exciting for me because we didn't find out with Micah. How did I wait??)
I'm considering myself in my second trimester (even the Dr told me there isn't a specific week because pregnancy can't be divided exactly in 3 trimesters).  I'm starting to ease the worrying. I know its not impossible to lose a baby at this point, but odds have dropped considerably.  We just continue to pray that everything remains healthy and this is the time (God willing) we will have another baby!


  1. Love the streaking Micah man! haha...I think Micah's belly is bigger than yours!

  2. Micah is going to kill you when he's older for that naked picture! reminds me of a certain picture of Matt parading around the living room with a broom handle in the buff. :)

  3. I just noticed the caption under ur belly picture: 13 1/5 wks precise! ;) micah man is getting cuter if that's possible!