Saturday, April 2, 2011

Micahs First Birthday Party!

Although Micah doesn't officially turn one until noon tomorrow, we got the fam together this afternoon to celebrate! Thanks to everyone who came!
I took the time to make homemade sugar cookies-notice they are in the shape of "1"s! Micah is ready to party!
Jenn and Gabe were here for the festivities! And Josh of course, JEss and Myke, Drew, Rebecca, TEauge and Finley, Melissa and Alex, Grandpa Laber, Opa, G&G Calhoun and G&G Maier
Hanging with Opa
Didn't quite like his birthday hat

His first cake
He wanted to share his frosting with Aunt Jess
Not quite sure yet...
But he soon discovered how good that cake was!
He made a mess

Opening gifts
Camo sun hat
Whiffle balls...keeping him occupied for a long time!
Gabe is a really good stacker :)
Seriously a few minutes after the last few people left...sugar coma crash!

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