Monday, April 4, 2011

1 year checkup

Alright! Dr. Driscoll says Micah is looking great! Even almost took a couple of steps for him. After peeing all over the scale and almost on the nurse, the stats are in: Weight: 19lbs 11oz (5-10th percentile) Length: 30 inches (50%) Head Circumfrence: 18.75 inches (75%-a smartie! though not as smart as Cousin Gabe)
Sporting Daddy's colors today :) (Thanks Grandma Julie)


  1. Aww! He and Ryleigh are the same height! But I think Ryleigh might have him beat in the weight category! We should get them together sometime!

  2. Peeing on the nurse! That's my nephew:) You guys threw an awesome birthday party!