Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day-Micah and I started the day by meeting over at my parents house before us girls and kids went to the beach. It was the debut of the hummer! My parents won or got this Hummer Power wheels at an auction/charity event last year sometime for the grandkids, but Gabe and Micah aren't old enough to work it yet. But Teague was over...and he had the privelidge to be the first to drive it! He did really well! Micah looks worried in most of the pictures, though...

Then the girls and kids went to the beach. Also Micah's first time to the beach-he was fascinated with the sand. It kept him occupied and happy for a long time!

After that Micah and I stayed at my parent's house, where he finally went down for his afternoon nap at 2:45...he didn't want to miss anything! Gramps, Jess, and Myke came over and we grilled and played games, of course! Very relaxing holiday! Though we did miss Matt (Daddy) as he worked with Drew most of the day then had plans for his fishing with some guys.

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