Sunday, May 22, 2011

Three Seasons room!

So Matt finally had some time to get back to the 3 seasons room this weekend! Only thing left is decorating, and we need to put the trim back in. Micah and Bufous were having a hay-day in there today!

Micah exploring the new space
Furniture in!

Came back from church tonight and found an arrow on the floor of this room...traced it to the neighbors house. Came through the screen and hit the other side of the room and made a dent in the wall. We are so lucky no one was in the room at the time!


  1. The room looks great! What a change.

  2. Nice! You got to be a CSI for an evening.

  3. Woah. An arrow?!?

    Looks great! Hope we can come by and enjoy it with you sometime soon :D

  4. I love the paint color! And that's really creepy about the arrow, lol.