Friday, May 3, 2013

Micah's first Tigers game, Adelie is 4 months old!

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to go to Detroit again for Home Plate (players giving their testimonies!) with the youth group. Micah was able to go this year.  He wouldn't take a good pic all day, but we tried to make the day memorable for him. He got to ride the carousel, got a certificate with his name and date on it that commemorated his first game, we walked around the whole stadium,  and Uncle Myke spoiled him with ice cream! The only thing that would have made it better for him-he really wanted to get on the field.

And yesterday Adelie turned 4 months old.  She is such a happy baby! She did have a round of shots yesterday, so that makes for a sleepy, but not too crabby yet, baby.

Tried some rice cereal. Note her tongue-not much got in her mouth. Maybe she isn't quite ready yet.

Sweet baby girl

Her Dr appt stats- she weighed in at 11 lb 7 oz, 23 inches long. About 10th percentile.
In comparison: Micah was 14 lbs even and 24 1/4 in long at 4 months,
Matt was 13 lb 4 oz, 25.5 in,
Jennie was 12 lb 12.75 oz, 23.5 in.

Our little peanut!

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