Friday, May 24, 2013

Camping and swim lessons

This past weekend we went camping up north. (in a tent, camper is not up to par quite yet!!) The weather was beautiful, but we battled epic mosquito conditions. I have never seen anything like it. Micah and I are the worst with bites everywhere, luckily Adelie wasn't touched. I look like I have chicken pox.
 I didn't take many pics of Adelie's first camping experience, but we did capture our redneck swimming! The water was cold, only the little girlies seemed to care.
(Sunday was very hot, but none of us actually brought swimming clothes, but we improvised!)
Adelie seems to want to take a nap whenever we go swimming. This has happened in the YMCA pool before too!

 Micah's last swim lesson
 My brave boy-jumping in the pool with no bubble
 He has mastered floating on his back without a bubble or assistance!

 Treading water on his back, all by himself
 Saw this idea on a kids tv station-Banana ice cream.  I took 3 ripe bananas, cut into chunks, put in freezer.  When they were frozen, put them in a food processor and blend.  It had the exact consistency of ice cream, and it was delicious! Micah had no idea it wasn't real ice cream. He kept asking for more! Definitely doing this again!

 Took this right before this sweet little girl was done playing and decided to just roll over and put herself down for a nap. She is such an easy baby!
Up next-Memorial day zoo trip! Stay tuned!

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