Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zoo, Adelie is 5 mo old!

Memorial Day we took a Maier family trip to the zoo! It was rainy on and off, but the kids loved it and had a great time!  We went to Pottawatomie Zoo in South Bend, lunch at Five Guys, and dessert and Cold Stone Creamery. It was a great day!
Micah with the goats-I think this goat is more photogenic than Micah is
 Intrigued by the lion
 Adelie's first zoo trip-Grandma and Papa bought her a little stuffed lemur to commemorate!
(Micah got a little gator, which he has pretty much carried around since!)
 Mama and Adelie by the tiger
 Looking at the tiger
 Adelie playing with her toes
 Adelie is 5 months old today!!

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