Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So busy!

I can't even remember what I posted about last has been too long! We have been busy with the school year starting for Matt and my new schedule with work and LMC clinical instructing. I will back up a few weeks...we went church camping a couple weekends ago, had a blast, and now very disappointed I did not take pictures! Micah loved being outdoors 24/7, even when it was in the low 40s at night, eek!

Micah dressed to impress a few weekends ago for the Michigan game

Outdoor fun! Wheelbarrow rides. Opa gave him one first, and MAtt and all the cousins recall Opa giving them rides as kids!

Throwing ball in the yard...acutally its a black walnut, but Micah still loved it!

On another note, it has been two and a half weeks since we recieved the news of our imminent miscarriage. We have found so much support, love, and prayer for our immediate family and our church family, and for that we are so grateful! I have finally miscarried, which brings a mix of emotions. We have had a few weeks to come to term with it, but it still was an emotional time when we actually lost our potential child. We are thinking positive however! The waiting is over and now we can move on, and God willing, in the future have more beautiful, rambunctious kiddos! Thanks for all the support!

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