Friday, September 9, 2011

Jury duty and the crazy cats

This week has been interesting! Matt went back to school Tuesday to his new class of 28 8 year olds. He thinks they will be a pretty good group, so hopefully that is a good sign!
I was called in for jury duty Wednesday and just my luck, was randomly selected to be on a jury for a trial on Thursday. It was for an assault and battery. It was all very surreal. I felt more like I was watching a tv show than actually serving a purpose, until of course we had to deliberate and decide a jurisdiction for the two defendants. Interesting how our court system works...there were 6 of us on the jury making a decision for these people, and we felt like we didn't have hard facts. We think just about all the witnesses were lying about something, we had to choose what to believe. Crazy!
Anyway, just an interesting experience to have. On a lighter note, took some pictures of our crazy cats this week to share!

Napping together on the couch
Kramer decided to get into Matt's backpack

He is so spoiled-sleeping on Matt's pillow

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