Monday, June 28, 2010

Mancelona/Traverse City

Wow, it has been weeks since we updated! We have to back track here. June 14-19, we went up to Dave and Ashley's cabin in Mancelona (Dave, Ashley, Lancelot, Drew, Rebecca, Teague, Matt, Jennie, Micah). Micah was cranky from traveling, but we had a great time! Wednesday it rained, so we went into Traverse City and hit up the mall-which we hadn't been to a good mall in quite some time! Thursday was a great day to bum at the beach, and Friday Matt was able to get some fly fishing in at the Manistee River. Here are some pics of us having fun on the beach!
The Maier boys being crazy
Dave and Drew-doing who knows what!

Pregnant belly in a bikini-there is nothing cuter! Rebecca, you look great!

Micah and Daddy chillin at the beach (Micah is laying in the pink chair!)

Taking a nap at the beach!

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