Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Great Gramps getting his little buddy time!
And Grandpa getting Micah love, too!

Uncle Myke, working the legs!

Drooling down Dad's arm

Quiet for cousin Cara

So this blog is supposed to be able to update everyone on our family...but its old news by the time I post it here! Sorry for that.

Micah's first memorial day weekend-Saturday night we had a Sunday school picnic at Zielke's. Micah was good for awhile, and fell asleep with Cara. First time he was good for Cara! And God bless Aunt Jan-she will take Micah, even when he is cranky!

Sunday we had another cookout with the Calhoun's. Fussy again, but lucky for us, there were lots of people still willing to hold him!

Monday we had a family chill day at home. Very relaxing. Lots of time to interact with our little man, who is now smiling! Sometimes it is hit or miss. He is still trying to figure out himself!

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