Monday, May 10, 2010

Brohman and Mother's Day

This last weekend was Micah's first visit to the cabin in Brohman! We are carrying on the tradition, as Matt went to Brohman when he was one month old. Micah did pretty good on the car ride, and most of the time he behaved. The first night we were in the back bedroom, which was freezing. Micah whimpered a lot-no matter how many blankets he had. The next two nights we slept out in the living room next to the wood burning stove to heat the little guy up, and he did a lot better. Even though it rained most of the time we were there and it was really cold, it was a good relaxing time.
My first mother's day was yesterday! Still a little surreal that I'm a mom-That perfect, living, breathing, blessing came from me! Weird. Micah was sweet enough to give me one of the best Mother's Day gifts-last night he slept through his first feeding! Yep, that means he slept a little more than 6 hours without waking! I hope this continues...

Nap time with Daddy!

Going to the famous Brohman diner. High class-look at their spelling!

Aunt Lissa admiring a sleeping Micah!

Just hanging around the cabin!

Resting in the pack n play.

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