Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Family Members!

Well, if you hadn't hear yet, you may be behind...we are expecting again! Estimated due date of April 22nd as of now, we will know more when we go to the first appointment, which is Sept 20th. We bought Micah this t-shirt to tell our families...some were not as quick to pick up on the hint, which was comical :)

Random side note picture-my dad picked this cake out for me for my birthday-he knows what I like!!

We just got back from the cabin this weekend. Sadly I didn't take many pics, but this was too cute-Matt and Micah snuggling Saturday night at bedtime!

We found a new family member at the cabin. Well, the dogs did really, and she ran up a tree. Thanks to Alex and Melissa rescuing her, we have a new kitten!
She is perfect Micah size. In fact he wants to pick her up and carry her around the house!

We named her Macy. We think she is at least part siamese. we take her to the vet in the morning. More to come!

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