Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Post past due

I am way late in posting on the blog! A lot has happened since last time.
July 18-23, Matt went up north for a backpacking/canoe trip. I will let him do his own post on that.
While he was gone, that Monday, July 22, Adelie decides to start crawling! Daddy was in for a nice surprise on his return.
August 2, Adelie turned 7 months old. On that day, we were doing our youth group camping trip up in Grant, MI, and went to Michigan's adventure for the day. Micah is still talking about the water slides! He also fell asleep at 6:30 that evening and didn't wake up until the next morning. We must do more trips like that :)
Just this past Friday (Aug 9), Adelie started pulling herself up on things (Mainly the bumbo or my legs, but she tries with almost everything she comes in contact with!)
We went to the fair yesterday with Grammy, Aunt Jenn, and cousins Gabe and Lydia. Sadly I don't have any pictures because Matt had the camera somewhere! But they had fun seeing all the animals, eating funnel cakes, and walking through the expo buildings. No rides this year, but Micah really wanted to! (He rode some really cool ones at Michigans adventure, so I didn't feel the need to let him ride any yesterday).
School is quick approaching and Matt is already getting into his mode-he is already stressing about getting to school and getting his room ready (He will be teaching 2nd grade at Lincoln Elementary, and has to switch rooms, from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor). Summer is sadly coming to an end!  Looking forward to getting some fun stuff in still and enjoying the nice weather while we have it.

Adelie Crawling

The day she started pulling herself up (she actually stood up right here holding on to my leg)

Taken today: The cute kiddos!

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